Do I look like Malcolm Glazer?

May 27, 2008

DILBERT creator Scott Adams once suggested that humans had a limitless capacity for stupidity, selfishness and horniness. I’llĀ only deal with stupidity for now (just you wait for the blog entries on the other two, though). Read the rest of this entry »


Have I got promotion for you?

May 26, 2008

JIM Gannon made history on Friday night, as the first Stockport County manager ever to get a mention on Have I Got News For You? Read the rest of this entry »


May 25, 2008

“MAYBE news from Thaksin will come tomorrow,” as Sven-Goran Estragon might have said in Waiting For Godot. Read the rest of this entry »

The morning after the night before

May 22, 2008

I’VE just spoken to a journalist friend who has been covering the Champions League final in Moscow. His flight home has been “rescheduled”. Read the rest of this entry »

Dale on the Wembley trail

May 17, 2008

NOEL Gallagher has definitely got one up on Lennon and McCartney this time. (Not to mention Neil Innes.) After all (you’re my Wonderwall), the Beatles never helped Rochdale get to Wembley. Read the rest of this entry »

Invasion on the doorstep

May 14, 2008

I DON’T remember it being as chaotic as this when Manchester hosted the 2003 Champions League final. 10.45am: Quay Street gridlocked. Almost every car contained at least three people wearing Rangers shirts. Read the rest of this entry »

The team they couldn’t relegate

May 13, 2008

FORGET Fulham. The ultimate relegation escape story is at Altrincham. For the third successive season, Alty have managed to finished in the Conference drop zone – without being relegated. Even more weirdly, they seem to be quite upset about surviving. Read the rest of this entry »