(That’s enough. Ed.)

June 12, 2011

A TRULY great football match makes you want to go out straight afterwards and have a kickaround with your mates. It’s lucky, then, that Formula One does not inspire a similar reaction, otherwise Jenson Button’s brilliantly dramatic last-lap victory at this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix would have hundreds of people out on Britain’s roads right now attempting potentially-lethal overtaking manoeuvres.

(Although if my experiences of driving on the M60 are anything to go by, the British public don’t need the excuse of a great Grand Prix to start driving like Michael Schumacher with a cob on.) Read the rest of this entry »


The important things in life

June 4, 2011

THE internet tells me it was 1995, which sounds about right. I was a sheltered teenager who had just started listening regularly to Radio One, which to my naïve ears seemed impossibly edgy compared to local commercial radio’s diet of phone pranks, DJ patter about dubious surveys culled from page 26 of the Daily Mirror, adverts for Charnock Richard Cycles and endless timechecks. (It’s 5.41.) Read the rest of this entry »