Minus seven

May 30, 2010

MANY years ago, when I still had hopes, ambitions and delusions of talent, I went for a job interview.

After travelling to the company’s offices, filling in a form to confirm that I was neither a nutter nor a kleptomaniac and telling the head of whatever where I saw myself in five years’ time, I was told to expect a phone call later in the day telling me whether I had been successful. Read the rest of this entry »


Unbelievable. Unrepeatable?

May 25, 2010

I PHONED up Brett Ormerod yesterday for a newspaper article. Once we’d managed to overcome a dodgy mobile phone signal, he was happy to chat to me about Blackpool’s promotion to the Premier League. Read the rest of this entry »

The fearlessness of Ian Holloway

May 23, 2010

SEAN O’Driscoll has a media profile about as far removed from Ian Holloway as it is possible to imagine. But although the Doncaster Rovers manager may speak quietly, he does talk sense.

Asked earlier in the season about the job Holloway was doing at Blackpool, O’Driscoll replied: “They’re a dangerous side to face, because he’s got them playing without fear.” Read the rest of this entry »

You never know, I suppose

May 19, 2010

OK, so England have won one World Cup (nice to be better than Australia at something) and are well on the way to losing another (excuse me, Lord Triesman, can you speak up a bit? The microphone on my secret hidden tape recorder isn’t very powerful).

There is, though, only one big topic of sporting conversation this week: How on earth will Sky go about hyping up their live coverage of Morecambe’s play-off semi-final second leg against Dagenham and Redbridge tomorrow night? Read the rest of this entry »

Grant checked

May 15, 2010

DESPITE his best efforts today, Avram Grant remains the only Chelsea manager to have lost an FA Cup tie in the last four seasons. Kayode Odejayi’s winner for Barnsley in March 2008 created one of the great cup upsets of recent times. A Portsmouth victory at Wembley today might just have matched it. Read the rest of this entry »

Last on MOTD: Frequently asked questions

May 10, 2010

I’VE been keeping records of which teams are shown last on Match of the Day for three seasons now, and barely a day goes by without someone asking: “Mike, what the hell are you doing with your life?” Read the rest of this entry »

Last on MOTD: Nine points

May 9, 2010

THE title race went to the final day, but we knew deep down that it would take a mathematical miracle to deny the morning’s leaders. And now the celebrations can begin. Portsmouth are the 2010 Gubbometer champions. Read the rest of this entry »