“MAYBE news from Thaksin will come tomorrow,” as Sven-Goran Estragon might have said in Waiting For Godot.

It’s now 16 days since Sven said at a press conference that news of his future as Manchester City manager would, likely as not, emerge within a week.

Owner Thaksin Shinawatra has still not indicated whether Sven is staying or going. The manager has already outlasted Avram Grant. At this rate, he may outlast Gordon Brown.

Any reports linking Sven with the Prime Minister’s job, though, are pure speculation.

In the meantime, we wait for news from Thaksin. In the meantime, there is nothing to be done.

Last week was a strange one to be following Manchester City. Each day, I would speak to the sports editor at the Manchester Evening News to discuss whether this might be the day that saw Sven leave the club. Each day, it never remotely looked like happening.

Sven’s comments during the tour of the Far East sat somewhere between diplomacy and minimalism. Asked about his future upon City’s arrival in Hong Kong, he responded: “I’m very happy to be here and that’s it.”

It still looks as though Sven will go. But only Thaksin knows for certain about the matters of if and when – and right now, he is confirming nothing and denying nothing. Avram Grant’s departure from Chelsea yesterday added an intrguing subplot for those who have made it their business to try to second guess Thaksin, and to attempt to figure out Sven’s intentions.

Still, maybe there will be news from Thaksin tomorrow.


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