The Marwood factor

May 14, 2012

THE final league table will tell you that it wasn’t quite the closest title race of all time, but it still won’t have done Manchester City football administration officer Brian Marwood’s blood pressure any good.

Marwood, more than anyone else connected with City, might just have seen yesterday’s extraordinary finish to the Premier League season coming. Read the rest of this entry »


Last on MOTD: Pun of the season

May 13, 2012


MR S: Hello?
CALLER: Hello, is that the BBC Puns Department?
MR S: Does it sound like the Puns Department to you?
CALLER: Oh, sorry, have I come through to Sarcasm?
MR S: Well done, you.
CALLER: I’m really sorry to have bothered you.
MR S: Oh, it’s fine, honestly. Don’t worry your head about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Cup final days

May 10, 2012

I’LL tell you a personal story about the FA Cup; but first, here’s a question: When was the last time that the English domestic season concluded with the cup final? Read the rest of this entry »

Last on MOTD: Unmanager of the year

May 7, 2012

IF this blog has a theme, I’d say it’s a celebration of the mediocre. Despite being based in Manchester, I’ve written next to nothing on here this season about the battle for the Premier League title between Manchester City and Manchester United.

I have, on the other hand, written reams and reams about Aston Villa, the epitome of Premier League mediocrity this season, purely on the basis that they’ve been last on Match of the Day more often than any other team. Read the rest of this entry »