Ten from 2010: Nine and ten

December 31, 2010

9) There are all sorts of contenders for best team performance of 2010: Europe’s Ryder Cup golfers, England’s Ashes cricketers, Inter Milan’s Champions League winners, Fulham’s Europa League finalists or the Barcelona side who thump Real Madrid 5-0. But perhaps the most moving team performance comes on an overcast March afternoon at Edgar Street. Read the rest of this entry »


Ten from 2010: Seven and eight

December 30, 2010

7) Nobody, except the squad themselves and Clive Tyldesley, seriously believes England can win the World Cup in South Africa. The best the nation can hope for is one really convincing group stage victory and an heroic penalty shoot-out defeat against the first decent team they come across. In the end, England get the World Cup campaign all Scotland fans were hoping for. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten from 2010: Five and six

December 29, 2010

5) In September, Andrew Flintoff announces his retirement, inadvertently ensuring that Nottinghamshire’s County Championship title win on the same day gets next to no publicity. Three months later, England prove they can win, or at least retain, the Ashes without him. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten from 2010: Three and four

December 28, 2010

3) There’s a passage in Candida Crewe’s 1998 novel The Last To Know, about an Oxford GP who abandons his job, wife and family and disappears for no apparent reason, in which February is described as “the month of few solutions”. May is this year’s February, forcing us to wait for answers. Read the rest of this entry »

Ten from 2010: One and two

December 27, 2010

1) Two minutes to go at Bloomfield Road, the January thaw complete, and Blackpool are somehow losing 2-1 at home to Watford. Sunday tabloid headline writers are preparing their best puns on the surname of Tom Cleverley, whose goal looks like winning it, although all the nearly-written reports have Watford’s goalkeeper Scott Loach down as man of the match. Read the rest of this entry »