Next time, he’ll get it right

July 5, 2009

ADVANCE hype can make sporting fools of us all – just ask England’s 1982 World Cup squad. Having released a pre-tournament stomp-along-at-home single called “This Time (We’ll Get It Right)”, Ron Greenwood’s men were knocked out in the second group stage after a goalless draw with Spain which saw Kevin Keegan miss an open goal from eight yards.

And they didn’t even get the consolation of a No.1 hit either, as their song was kept off the top of the singles charts by “Ebony and Ivory”. Read the rest of this entry »

Three into one for Wimbledon

February 2, 2009

AFTER all the talk about Andy Murray, and whether he could win his first tennis Grand Slam title, it was fascinating that the Australian Open men’s singles final turned out to be a repeat of Wimbledon 2008 in the best possible way. This is going to be a wonderful year for men’s tennis. Read the rest of this entry »

Blame it on Bogdanovic

September 23, 2008

EVERY so often, there’s a survey released which claims the vast majority of Britons are in the wrong job for their personality. I’m beginning to wonder if Alex Bogdanovic is one of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Bar to success

January 14, 2008

TWO important sporting lessons to learn from the past 24 hours: 1) Britain will never be the best in the world at a sport you can’t play in the rain. 2) Britain can still rule the world at any sport you can play in a pub. Read the rest of this entry »