Marcus Hahnemann, Damien Hirst and me

HOW exciting! With a little help from Wolves keeper Marcus Hahnemann, this blog has finally made national news.

Hahnemann was interviewed on Radio Five Live by Pat Murphy last Saturday, and grumbled that Wolves were always last on Match of the Day. “You don’t get to see any of my saves,” he complained.

Turned out someone at The Observer was listening to this, decided to look for statistics to back up Hahnemann’s claim and found this blog – which contains far more information than anyone could possibly want regarding which teams are last on MOTD most often.

Thrillingly, The Observer have recreated my data in bar chart form, something I would never have considered doing in a month of Sunderland goalless draws.

The paper’s lovingly-created graphic appears on page five of the New Review section, right underneath an interview with Damien Hirst, in which he reveals that he once planned to do a 40ft bronze sculpture of a human turd and call it ‘Untitled – No. 2’. (It’s nice to know my place in the news agenda.)

This graphic shows that 12 other teams have been last on MOTD more often than Wolves in the three-and-a-bit years since I started the Gubbometer. Of the current Premier League clubs, Wigan have been on last more often than anyone else since August 2007. So consider yourself told, Marcus.

Ah, but Wolves haven’t been in the Premier League throughout the last three years, you might say. What about the season-by-season stats? Well, they’re easy enough to pull up.

Last on MOTD 2009/10: Click here
Last on MOTD 2008/09: Click here
Last on MOTD 2007/08: Click here

I’m delighted that The Observer have given me and this blog full credit (if credit is the word) for the data, when they could easily have pretended they had collated it themselves. But as a struggling freelance journalist, I’d be even more delighted if they offered me some work…

Thanks to Steve Williams


One Response to Marcus Hahnemann, Damien Hirst and me

  1. Chopper says:

    That’s brilliant. Nice use of the bar chart, I think they need to keep this updated now.

    Every week I’m going to want to know, in Dave Gorman-esque fashion – what’s that done to the graph?

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