Ask Roy

IT’S taken months of intense negotiation, but I’m delighted to announce a world exclusive that will rock football to its very foundations. Tonight, on this blog, I welcome one of the most talked-about figures in football: Roy Keane, manager of Ipswich Town.

I’ve asked Roy (Keano’s a bit too informal for a manager, I feel) to tackle some of the burning issues of the day, put to him by a selection of the nation’s finest reporters, and have recorded his responses for you all to digest as part of a new feature on this blog – Ask Roy.

As you can imagine, he’s not the sort to hold back, so hold on to your seats, your hats and possibly even your coats, and enjoy almost two minutes and 40 seconds of unexpurgated Roy Keane.

If you’d like to ask Roy some questions of your own, you can e-mail the address at the end of the video.


One Response to Ask Roy

  1. Garry Cook says:

    Another visual masterpiece.
    And I thought you were drawing yourself the other night.

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