Adebayor hits the net

HE’S not completed his suspension yet, but Emmanuel Adebayor’s mad, bad and dangerous afternoon against Arsenal a week last Saturday has already been turned into a computer game.

I’m sure the Mousebreaker website doesn’t need me to give it any more publicity, given that it attracts four million unique users a month and has made founders Richard Pendry and Alick Stott very wealthy.

The site has built its reputation on Blast Billiards, a game that takes a popular pub sport and adds lots of Road Runner-style cartoon explosions, and is as maddeningly addictive as Tetris.

Pendry and Stott have also prided themselves on an ability to program and put out topical games at lightning speed. When the Glazer family took over at Manchester United, the Mousebreaker team quickly came up with a game called ‘Parachuting Malcolm Moneybags’. They’re not afraid to wade into the political arena either, as proved by their game ‘Punch President Bush’.

Now they’ve added to their topical oeuvre by coming up with ‘Bad Adebayor’.


While the game was undoubtedly intended as a bit of fun, it will offend some people – as the aim is to get Adebayor to run as fast as possible up the pitch, stamping on Robin van Persie’s head along the way, before sliding as far as he can in front of the Arsenal fans, dodging the missiles thrown from the crowd.


I can’t imagine the game will be all that popular among Arsenal fans. Van Persie might have something to say about it too, along with the City steward knocked out by one of the missiles hurled in Adebayor’s direction.

At the same time, I can’t make up my mind whether it’s too soon to make jokes about the Adebayor brouhaha, or too late – after all, we’ve had a whole fresh load of controversy since then, courtesy of Sunday’s Manchester derby. Adebayorgate seems old hat already.

Ultimately, what lets ‘Bad Adebayor’ down is that it’s not really that interesting to play. Even the most enthusiastic gamer will probably get bored after a handful of goes, once the novelty has worn off. Even if David James was still in his playing-Tekkon-II-on-the-Nintendo-for-hours-on-end phase (which he isn’t), he wouldn’t have been able to play this one all night.

Not that it will bother the Mousebreaker team, I suspect. They’ll probably have a Craig Bellamy game up and running by next week.


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