Famous at last

I’VE had an extremely busy couple of weeks one way or another, which is why I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front of late. It’s also why it’s taken me over a week to get round to acknowledging my debut in the Football365 Mediawatch column.

When I started out in journalism 10 years ago, writing articles for the Blackpool Citizen about bank staff going to work in their pyjamas for Comic Relief, little did I imagine that one day, my articles would be ridiculed on a website that has a daily readership of about 10 zillion.

Anyway, my moment of fame finally arrived last Wednesday, thanks to a report on Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Kaizer Chiefs that I wrote for the Manchester Evening News. Here is the Football365 verdict.


Not bad, but it wasn’t quite up there with the person who logged on to the M.E.N. website and posted a comment asking if I was after a PR job at City.

This kind of stuff comes with the territory of being a sports journalist. And it does at least prove that someone, somewhere is taking an interest in what I’m doing.

It’s certainly not the first time someone has taken me to task over my journalism. I’ve written on this blog before about an incident during my time covering Macclesfield Town for local radio. About half-an-hour before kick off one Tuesday night, an elderly chap hobbled all the way up to the press box at the top of the stand to tell me, repeatedly, that he thought my commentaries were terrible. He continued in this vein for about a minute, until he had exhausted every possible way he could think of to tell me how rubbish he thought I was. Then, sated, he hobbled off again, back down the steps to his seat.

There was also the (anonymous) person who used to cut out a column I wrote for the Stockport Express every week and post it back to me with all my mistakes highlighted in red biro. This went on for several months, before he evidently got bored and decided to reveal who he was.

I could go on and tell you about the football club director who singled me out in public at a fans’ forum to describe in great detail why a particular article I’d written was woefully inaccurate. Or I could tell you about the person who left a comment on a blog entry I once wrote which simply stated: “U r a c**t” (without the asterisks). But I think you get the idea.

Nothing, though, matches the achievement of my new-found Football365 notoriety. Now I really have found fame. I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly…


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