Slightly startling image of the day

AMONG the usual flotsam in my e-mail inbox this morning (which consists largely of various American politicians I’ve never heard of urging me to give money to Barack Obama, as if I’m richer than him) was a message from Wigan Athletic’s marketing department.

Nothing unusual about that: one of the results of registering on so many football club official websites, as I have for professional reasons, is that I often get various advertising mailouts.

No, what threw me slightly was the arresting visual metaphor that Wigan have used to get fans to renew their season tickets.

It’s a letter from “your seat at the JJB Stadium” describing how much it is missing you sitting on it.

I’m not sure which part of the letter startles me the most: the idea of a talking seat, or the fact that the message is quite clearly signed with a kiss.

Now I’ve only been to the JJB Stadium once, and I don’t remember my seat either talking or atempting to kiss me. But then, I was in the press box, rather that a season ticket holder’s seat.

Of course, there’s always a danger in any relationship that it will one day turn sour; that one party will fall out of love with the other.

If a Wigan season-ticket holder doesn’t renew, will they start getting tearful e-mails and phone calls from said seat asking for another chance? Will the seat turn up on the fan’s doorstep one night, staggering drunk and furious? Does sitting in a different seat constitute adultery? And where does that leave the seats in the JJB’s away section, who support a different bottom every week and are doomed never to find a regular partner?

I’ve no idea. But if this ‘seat love’ theme is the start of a long-running advertising campaign, I reckon it could knock the Gold Blend couple for six. Only metaphorically, though.


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