Kampanjen fortsätter

I WAS thinking of going on holiday to Sweden this summer. But I now appear to be so famous there, I’m not sure if I could walk the streets of Stockholm without being mobbed by adoring fans.

After my conversation with a journalist from the newspaper Aftonbladet on Friday (as reported on this blog), I have once again made the headlines in Sweden. (It’s not quite up there with being interviewed in my back garden by Swedish television, as I was last summer, but hey, it keeps me in the public eye.)

“Kampanjen fortsätter” screams the headline in Saturday’s paper, reporting on the Manchester Evening News campaign to save Sven-Goran Eriksson’s job as City manager. (As far as I can gather, that translates as “campaign continues”.)

The rest of the article is a mystery to me. I only hope that the word “backsida” means “back page”, and not what I think it means.

Reading it is a slightly disorientating experience, as it seems I have developed the ability to speak word-perfect Swedish.

“Vi fick mängder av reaktioner från fans, gamla Cityspelare och tränare. Det överraskande var att alla – alla! –var på Svens sida,” I appear to have said.

I then back up my argument by adding: “97 procent ville ha kvar Svennis, trots att laget ”bara” ligger nia i tabellen.”

I definitely didn’t refer to him as Svennis. I might have said the rest of it.

Weirdly, the article gives my comments predence over those of Sir Alex Ferguson, who I think summed up the feelings of many City fans towards Thaksin Shinawatra when he said: “Ingenting överrumplar mig. Jag är överraskad på ett sätt, men i dag ger sig alla typer av ägare in i fotbollen.”

I’m hoping that all this media exposure will get me an invite to Euro 2008 as a Swedish TV pundit. Not quite sure I can hold my breath forever, though.


4 Responses to Kampanjen fortsätter

  1. Donna says:

    I ran this through ‘One-click’ translation at http://www.stars21.com for you – here goes;

    MW: “we got quantities of reaktioner from fan, old Cityspelare and tränare. The amazing was that everyone – everyone! – each on Sven’s side,”
    “97 percents wanted have left Svennis, despite that the team” only” lies nia in the table. ”

    AF: “nothing överrumplar me. I am astonished on a way, but today gives himself all types of owners in in the football.”

    So now you know…

  2. mikewhalley says:

    Thank you! Now I understand…

    The fact that nothing can överrumplar Sir Alex Ferguson is probably the reason he has been so successful as a manager.

  3. Johan says:

    Hi Mike,
    Here are your quotes in “manual” translation from Swedish:
    “We don´t´expect that Thaksin will change his mind, but he must understand that everyone is against him.”
    “We got lots of reactions from fans, old City players and managers. The surprising thing was that everyone – everyone! – was on Sven´s side. Usually when someone gets fired some are surprised while others look forward to changes in the club, but this time there is unity.”
    “Perhaps he isn´t the most succesful manager that City have had, but he is the biggest personality that has managed the team. But the main reason is that City beat United in both matches: that hasn´t happened for 38 years. Winning at Old Trafford is more important than the league, that´s what many here think.”

    The bit about 97 per cent isn´t actually used as quote in the text, but this is how it translates:
    97% want him
    The paper also asked their readers to have their say about the owner Shinawatras decision to change managers. The result was clear, but didn´t surprise Mike Whalley:
    97 per cent want to keep Svennis, despite the fact that the team “only” are ninth in the table.

    PS. Överrumplar means “taken by surprise”. DS.

  4. mikewhalley says:

    Thanks Johan. I think I am going to have to learn Swedish at some point…

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