Baghdad dodge

PREMIER League chief executive Richard Scudamore is clearly a reader of this blog. Hours after I wrote of my concerns that his plans for world domination could result in top-flight games being moved to Baghdad, Scudamore responded.

I wrote on Saturday that the Premier League risked being at the mercy of mischievous fans if they went ahead with plans to play a round of fixtures overseas, then put the venues of those games to a public vote. (A potential problem I shall refer to from now on as ‘the Spice Girls conundrum‘.)

Quoted in the Sunday Express, Scudamore put this fear firmly to bed.

“There are 200 cities that would call themselves event destination cities,” he said. “And Baghdad is not one of them.”


OK, so we can rule out Baghdad… although I think President Bush may quibble with Scudamore’s assertion that the Iraqi capital is not an “event destination city”. I mean, there’s plenty that’s happened there over the last five years, no?

Coming next week: Scudamore explains why my suggestion that Blackburn v West Ham be played on Whitby beach can’t happen either.


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