Last on MOTD: The story so far

I’ve been writing a sports blog for the Manchester Evening News website for the last 18 months. As part of the blog, I’ve been keeping a running tally of the games that feature last on Match of the Day every week.

Part of the reason for this was that I wanted to prove wrong the fans of various Premier League clubs who insist that their team is on last every week. Another part of the reason was that I thought it would allow me to indulge my fondness for smart-alec sarcasm.

When I started keeping the tally at the start of the season, I made a throwaway comment in my blog that the only person who had a right to complain about being last on MOTD every week was Tony Gubba. Even this turned out to be wrong, as Gubba has only done the final game on MOTD twice this season.

Anyway, I decided to award teams one point each time they featured last on MOTD, and compile the results in a league table. I decided to name this league table the ‘Gubbometer’ in Gubba’s honour. And I decided I would give Gubba a point every time he was on last too, just to see how he fared. (He’s stuck in mid-table.)

The Gubbometer will be a regular feature of this blog; I’ll be updating it every weekend.

A word of warning, though; I don’t count the games that are last on Sunday’s Match Of The Day 2. This is because there are usually only two or three games played on a Sunday, so it doesn’t seem balanced. And besides, MOTD2 always ends with a round-up of Saturday’s games, so the last Sunday match on the show isn’t strictly speaking, the final one.

You can follow this season’s ‘Last on MOTD’ story so far here. And from now on, you can follow it on this blog. All you really need to know, though, is that Derby have been on last more times than anybody else. Which is fair enough, given that they are bottom of the Premier League.


1. Derby: 5
2=. Wigan: 4 (Gubba difference: +1)
2=. Fulham: 4 (GD: +1)
4. Aston Villa: 3
5. Gubba: 2
6=. Bolton: 2 (GD: +1)
6=. Reading: 2 (GD: +1)
8. West Ham: 2 (GD: 0)
9=. Birmingham: 1
9=. Chelsea: 1
9=. Everton: 1
9=. Middlesbrough: 1
9=. Newcastle: 1
9=. Sunderland: 1
9=. Bury: 1
9=. Workington: 1

(NB. Where teams are level, positions are decided by Gubba Difference; the number of times a team is on Match of the Day last with Tony Gubba commentating.)

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